Painting my face blue and screaming Freedom!

So today, as of 4:00 this is my old office. Doesn't it look great???And this is kind of what my new shared office space is going to look like:

So what does happiness mean to me?
A part-time cubicle and a really understanding husband!


Jeff said...

That is a very exotic new office!

What does your personality match?:

Anonymous said...

yay - more time for thrifting!!
Am I a bad influence?

Anonymous said...

Less working does not equal more shopping...hahah

Anonymous said...

It's THRIFT shopping Chris, just by shopping there I am being thrifty which is what you're always asking me to do. See?


Alex (aka: Baseball Punk) said...

Uhhhh . . . . cool new desk mom. : )

Cristin said...

Come look out my window any time you like! I don't have a door... So nothing to slow you down!

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