Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition

And in the spirit of Monty Python I am trying to look at the bright side of life.

We've been a little jarred and just found out that we may be staying in Marysville for a much longer time than we had anticipated. With that in mind I think it's important for me to reflect on why I do love it here so much...

Being close to Grandpa Darrell and Grandma Cheryl

Our Brennans

A hospital that is so close and quick you know everything is going to be fine...
so there's plenty of time to make pigtails.

Baseball - in honor of Chris and Alex of course...

Friday Nights Uptown

And although I don't have pictures, I must not forget:

Family Pizzaria
No waiting at the BMV
The Nestle plant coffee smell
The little shed that makes me happy (I'll have to take a picture of it)
Benny's summer concerts
Walking in the woods... next to our house!
Nice people
All of the things that I will forget until we're gone and I miss them

Life is good!


Anonymous said...

You're the coolest, Em! And what an awesome pic of Chris and Alex!

Gpa said...

What a great post about life in Marysville! I love the photos.

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