Sewing Monkey

Remember that material in the 80's that already had the pattern on it and you could make cabbage patch kid pillows or hobby horses just by cutting them out and sewing them? That was what I was on a mission to find last night and couldn't. SO Alex picked out material that he actually LIKED and he made a monkey pillow this morning without any assistance. Proving that I just don't give him enough credit sometimes.



G Pa said...

Just so the rest of the world knows - I saw this pillow and it is excellent! Perfectly made by

Cristin said...

Nice! That's quite impressive!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we've started something; Kirby and Max have been sewing too (check the blog). I love his pillow - great job, Ax! BTW, I've searched for years to find those patterns you speak of - seems they're not to be found.

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