Things I love about today

I found this super sweet paper for 79 cents.
Now... To save or to gift?

Alex and I finally tried kumquats!

They are very weird.

I bought some foccacia at a bakery in town a few days ago and it was too salty and after only eating a third of the loaf I was about to toss it today. BUT in the spirit of the Angry Chicken (my new role model, thank you Cristin) they made delicious, addictive croutons.

Then I pretended that my bunny casserole was eating them.


Anonymous said...

So funny - I love the Angry Chicken!! But I've never had kumquats....

Cristin said...

Um... gift it!

Kumquats - how odd... what are they like?

Nice job with the homemade croutons! Angry Chicken rocks!

Let me know how your fabric hunt went today :-)

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