What do you do with a sour kumquat ear-lye in the morning?

Add lots of sugar, a dash of cinnamon and
cook the crap out out of it.

Alex and I like to experiment with new fruit, it's kind of become a "thing" we do. So I had this purist vision the other day at Whole Foods that instead of bringing home brownie bites for his surprise I would bring home a new fruit (sorry Alex if you are reading this). Kumquat is also Alex's "never outside of the house mom" nickname so it made me even more excited and I got them. You're supposed to just pop it in your mouth whole. If you do not share in the experimental fruit infatuation I will warn you that the rind is sweet but the fruit is VERY sour, like lemon sour, the pith is bitter and they have seeds. Needless to say, Alex wasn't very excited about the surprise.

All of the recipes were saying to cook the rinds forever and I only had an hour before I needed to be IN the car on my way to Dayton. If you ever have too many oranges and they are about to go bad just seed them, chop them in a food processor, add water, sugar, (maybe some lemon to add some sour for offset) and cinnamon and boil the heck out of them. It doesn't set up perfectly but it's super fast and yummy.

I am positive there is more sugar in the jam than in the brownie bites. Again, my apologies Kumquat.


Anonymous said...

That's ok Mom. - Ax/Kumquat

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