It's not easy being green

We've gutted the upstairs carpet and all of those pesky little staples and will be glad when the new carpet and laminate is installed... kind of. The unfortunate part of new carpet is the VOC's given off and the MOST unfortunate part is that the "green" carpet is so expensive. Why does being green in renovations have to cost so much money? I know that in the long run it pays off but when we're trying to sell a house we just can't afford to be green.

I am also painting ALL of the trim and doors in the house, not once, not twice, but three times. This is a huge endeavor, hopefully it pays off. Landscaping, new lights and all sorts of stuff in store for our near future. So I'm out of commission for a few weeks but thoughts of sewing and cooking projects occupy my mind while I work. We do have the internet hooked up again, woohoo!

Here's hoping to being amongst the living again very soon!



Cristin said...

Emily, I know how you feel! We're buying new carpet soon too and I'm HATING that we can only afford the regular chemical loaded carpet. And I've painted all the trim in my house white. NEVER AGAIN. Next time - ripping it out and putting new pre-painted white trim in. Seriously.

Good luck girl - your sewing machine await! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I agree, NEVER AGAIN! I will heed your advice and stick to the prepainted stuff in the future. I've done one room here and there and it was never fun but not really a big deal. But a hunk like this I will definitely reconsider in the future.

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