Missin my crap

It would be so nice to have something outside of my control to blame for my lapse in blogging. It really simply is that my attention span is not one of my many, fine selling points. I guess if you are reading this then you already know me and know that.

I've been digging around on the internet to find a "Patrick Swayze" wig for Chris for the Brennan's 80's par-tay, NOT an easy task!!! All of the "mullet" wigs are very long in the back and not at all Patrick. This is what I came up with, what do you think? Is it just that this guy looks like Patrick? I need an unbiased opinion because 24.99 is NOT cheap (and I hope non-refundable) but is the lone, critical piece of the wardrobe.

I'm having a harder time than I thought trying to find the perfect dress to be Baby. And since this IS my lifelong dream since the age of 12 (note the name of my blog, "this is my dance space" was already taken) then you can understand that this dress must really be perfect.
~ ~ ~
On another note...

The house is done, it looks like nobody lives here and that is really making me sad. I never realized how attached I am to my things.

A tribute to my crap so far away in storage...
The best ottoman in the whole-wide-world (minus the junk on top)! I think I must sneak it back.


Anonymous said...

YAY - You're back! I have been a faithful blog checker in your absence. It is so nice to NOT see Kermit (no offense to the little guy)!

I really like the mullet - though it's still a tad long? That will be a blog post in itself - putting Chris in the wig for a haircut.
As for Baby, I was thinking that we should try to find one of those gold necklaces that says 'Frances'?
Talk to you soon,

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